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The H.I.P. Group — Helping Individuals prosper

The HIP Group was formed to bring together a community of like minded people with a common focus of wanting to prosper in all areas of their lives.
We use a fantastic business model that allows each individual to be in business for themselves but not by themselves, and when your business is developed successfully it will generate an additional income source, that provides you with time flexibility.

The HIP Group uses 4 key pillars which form the foundations for prosperity. These are the following:


where we teach the principles of Goal setting which is focused towards helping individuals create a blue print for the Lifestyle they desire.


where we focus on the whole person looking at their personal health & well-being, skin health, personal grooming, and dress sense.


where we have a key focus on learning how to improve your current financial position using the 4 bucket principle to wealth, being,
  1. 1. Reinvest in your business
  2. 2. Reduce debt
  3. 3. Invest
  4. 4. Develop lifestyle


where we focus on growing the person by teaching the laws of success and supporting their implementation.

These 4 pillars are taught as a support process in helping the individual build a successful business of their own.
Come along to a business information session and meet some of the support team that will help you get started in this incredible opportunity.